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ALC KC 3-Day Gathering 2022
Photo Gallery

Photo creds: Mary Jean McAnnulla and others

Josh & Kendra - greeters
                     ALC KC 3-Day Gathering 2022
                              Session Videos
(Full length)

     Thurs #1    Welcome, Lydia worship, activation, ministry time

     Thurs #2   Mark -
 Light - activations

     Fri #1         Align 3-part being, worship, spontaneous flow

     Fri #2        Jerry Bryant - Flying - activations

     Fri #3        Sharing, worship, spontaneous flow, activations

     Fri #4        Mark - Going to school with God - our love is growing

     Sat #1        Mark - Flying stories - Leann & Carl lead worship  

     Sat #2       Leann Albrecht - Courts of Heaven - reconciliation story

     Sat #3       Craig Dinsmore - Sketching our encounters - activation

     Sat #4       Theresa Turnbull - Intimacy with Jesus makes us beautiful

     Sat #5       Leann & Carl - worship, communion & celebration


                     ALC KC 3-Day Gathering 2022


Upon walking in the door I instantly felt invited into family – valued, seen and loving to be known by those who greeted us.  The atmosphere felt so home - like in the sanctuary. I felt like I had a place there.

Loved how you pull in Scripture for some of the things people were sharing.  Loved the I Cor 14:26 value that includes all in the family who each have a unique piece to bring… providing a safe place to learn, practice and sometimes needing adjusting & growing.

And in worship, there was space for many to use their giftings in their own unique way. 

Loved the worship that was so beautiful, unique, Spirit-led, flowing and inviting… and the spontaneous songs that put words to what was happening.  

I loved how you all love each other as a family.  I honestly felt like this was the first time that I experienced the Acts church model.  It felt like home, felt supernatural and right.  Thank you for the years of stewarding what the Lord has called you do.  

Thank you for giving me a taste and some tools for a new adventure with Him.  


The ALC Gathering was over the top in every aspect.  Every session from the worship, training, activations, ministry, food fell0wship, snack bar, accommodations, motivation to go deeper and higher spoke of His abundance, excellence and Glory and great love!


Just want to thank you both for all your hard work to put together such an amazing 'gathering'... a fabulous, fantastic, amazing, outstanding, fun time was had by everyone 😍 God showed up and He had fun toooooo 😊 I love my ALC family and I am looking forward to being together again soon 😘


I loved, loved, loved this weekend!  I still feel the awe of God in my spirit!  So thankful for the both of you!  Thank you for all the  hard work you did in putting this amazing weekend together!


Thanks for the great Gathering!!  Had a super time... making connections was so good... just starting to get to know people... THANKS!

Thank you for your faithfulness to the Lord!  Your giving, servant hearts are a wonderful example and so appreciated.

                                        Last thoughts

These 3-Day Gatherings are so memorable.  They've created a new high-water mark of flowing together in a corporate experience in the Heavenlies.  


Your prayers and insights are welcomed and valued!

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