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Ascended Life Community (ALC)
Mission, Vision and Values

Ascended Life Community is a ministry expression of Dwelling Place Ministries, led by Mark & Debbie Hendrickson and connected to many individuals and ministry groups around the nation and globe.  


Big Picture

We believe a couple of God’s primary objectives for this newly emerging age are highlighted here:

1)    Completed sonship - confident living in our ‘new creation’ identity as co-governors with God
2)    Ascended life – God’s people ‘relocating’ into and living from Heavenly places 

ALC’s intention is that what we do flows out of and serves what we see Father doing in this big picture.


Mission (Now)

To encourage, strengthen and equip believers to live the new creation and ascended life through various tools, resources and environments.  Currently that includes: ALC’s website -, frequent email communications, ALC School via Zoom, ALC Video Channel, ALC local small and large group Gatherings, and assisting extra-local groups.  Here are a few areas in which ALC may be different from other religious gatherings:

Current unique distinctives
1)    Presence focused – led by His Presence in the moment - resulting in tender hearts and joy
2)    Heaven-located orientation and narrative – in worship, prayer, conversation and practice
3)    Group participation – opportunity for all
4)    Heavenly group encounters – contagious experience and transformation as a whole group


Vision (Future)

Objective: To encourage many newly emerging ascended life communities who are autonomous, yet mutually respectful and supportive, growing and multiplying, living from Heavenly places, growing together in sonship and union with God, and connected by liberating love and friendship.  We’re not interested in setting up a franchise structure with authority and ownership, but rather creating free-flow exchange with individuals and groups via authentic heart relationships.



Our values which currently serve as a guiding light for decisions, practice and policy:

1)    Pursue vibrant and tender-hearted relationship with God
2)    His tangible Presence is our priority! - living in and from our heavenly places in Christ
3)    The authority of the Scriptures - Biblically grounded
4)    Group participation - spontaneous and organic dynamics – opportunity for all
5)    God’s will is God’s bill – this statement is both God’s ‘guard rail’ and His promise to us
6)    Childlike simplicity – inspired to explore, experiment, and grow
7)    Culture of honor - value the heart and autonomy of each person
8)    Family experience - live, love, cry, laugh, and eat together
9)    Friendships with other communities and the larger body of Christ - liberty vs franchise
10)  Discipleship - nurture the young, exercise the growing, commission the seasoned


What to expect when you visit one of our gatherings 

Our gatherings may be different from many traditional church meetings.  They’re more like a family gathering… even in our larger gatherings.  So, what does a family gathering look like?  You will see group participation.  You will experience open and free-style Presence-filled worship times which are interspersed with prophetic songs or words or a spontaneous song of the Lord which may serve as a rally theme for that moment.  Our times are facilitated by a leader, but not primarily focused only on the teaching of that leader.  We have dynamic and impacting times of open mic where many share what the Lord is giving to them.  We’re committed to having group Heavenly encounters.  Our goal is to search for and follow our Lord’s ‘in-the-moment’ direction for our experience.  We value people being authentic, vulnerable and childlike which is reflected in our times of sharing.  These times are typically accompanied with tender tears and much laughter.  Since relationships are highly valued, a shared meal is an integral part of our in-person gatherings.  Many find our gatherings to be a safe place where they feel respected, cared for and inspired. 


Organization infrastructure

1)    Ascended Life Community is a ministry expression of Dwelling Place Ministries, led by Mark and Debbie Hendrickson.  DPM was established in 2000 and is a 501(c)3 non-profit tax-exempt corporation. 
2)    ALC leadership - Those who serve in leadership roles are friends with a proven track record of demonstrated common values who are committed to growth in ascended life mindsets and lifestyles.  Several of our seasoned team members are anointed presenters and have mobile ministries. 
3)    ALC ‘membership’ - ALC is not a membership-based group, but rather, a family-based group.  You become a part through the building of mutual friendship.  You can initiate a friendship with us at whatever level serves you best: through frequent email communications, ALC Video Channel, ALC School, local gatherings or by inviting us to present this vibrant ascended life theme to your group.
4)    ALC inter-connected communities - We love connecting with other ascended life communities for mutual learning and growth which may be facilitated through both, virtual and in-person meetings.



Ascended Life Community
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Kansas City, MO USA


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