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Learning Path

Before you pursue the Ascended Life we recommend these 5 things:

1.  You are saved

2.  You are filled with the Spirit

3.  Speak in your Heavenly language
4.  Have a sincere regular devotion life with God

5.  Have developed a maturing ability to hear the voice of God

Getting started   

The Bible says that "faith comes by hearing" (Romans 10:17).  So, to grow in faith beyond where we are, we must hear more than what we've heard.

Here are a few resources that may assist you on your journey into an Ascended Life.


1.   Recommended Books
2.  Recommended Audios

3.  Recommended Videos

4.  Recommended Music
5.  ALC video channel (over 50
0 videos searchable by thematic playlists)

    Books recommended 

Beyond Human - Fully Identified in the New Creation
by Justin Paul Abraham
Introduction to many of our New Creation frontiers.

Open My Eyes, Lord: A Practical Guide to Angelic Visitations and Heavenly Experiences       
by Gary Oates                       
Get started seeing in the Spirit... seeing angels and knowing what to do

The Veil: An Invitation to the Unseen Realm                            
by Blake Healy                     
Great insights, personal experiences and take-home 'tips and tools'.  One easy tip: When we drive our car, we train our eyes not to see something that is in our vision ALL the time... the things on the windshield: bugs, streaks, dirt, smudge, chips, rain, etc.  To see them we must refocus our eyes.  This is something akin to refocusing our eyes from the natural realm to the spiritual realm. 

He Qualifies You
Chad Mansbridge
A very easy read… very understandable… necessary foundation for where we’re going

Josiah's Fire: Autism Stole His Words, God Gave Him a voice

by Tahni Cullen & Cheryl Ricker
A severely autistic young boy who has no previous advanced spiritual influence, is miraculously able to communicate about Heavenly beings like: the Father, Son, Holy Spirit and the Triune God, angels, saints, words of knowledge, etc.  One of the most captivating and believable books I've read about the Heavenly realm.

Mysteries, Marvels and Miracles in the Lives of the Saints
by Joan Carroll Cruz           
Hundreds of short accounts of historical super-natural phenomenon - Highly recommend!

Supernatural Transportation: Moving Through Space, Time and Dimension for the Kingdom
by Michael Van Vlymen     
An easy reading account of transitioning into seeing and traveling in the Spirit.  Introductory

Traveling in the Spirit Made Simple
by Praying Medic                 
A more academic approach to 'how to' and 'how not to' travel in the Spirit.  Very good!!

Visions Beyond the Veil
by H. A. Bakker                   
Heavenly experiences by children in orphanages in China

How to See In the Spirit: A Practical Guide on Engaging the Spirit Realm
by Michael Van Vlymen     
The basics of seeing in the Spirit.  Straightforward and easy to understand

Kingdom Shift: How to Prepare For God's Global Reset          
by Del Hungerford               
Establishing the current shift of historical ages and 'unpacking' Heavenly encounters. Validates this emerging new age

Translation by Faith: Moving Supernaturally For the Purposes of God
by Bruce Allen & Michael Van Vlymen
A workbook about travel in the Spirit designed for group study

Cosmic Shift: A New Season of Faith
by Christopher Paul Carter
Solid evidence of the exciting age shift occurring right now... and many insights into Heavenly realities.  Scientific and Biblical evidence for the change of ages based upon astronomical science.

In Palaces of Heaven
by Christopher Paul Carter 
Captivating reading... new ascended life frontiers unveiled... practical insights to start and evaluate your own 'above the line' adventures

The Merger: Two Adams - One Destiny
by Ron Jones
Profound insights into the merging of many Heavenly and earthly realities: 1) God & man, 2) Heaven and earth, 3) time & eternity, 4) communities of Heaven with the communities of earth, 5) governments of Heaven with the governments of Heaven.  "that in the dispensation of the fullness of the times He might gather together in one all things in Christ, both which are in heaven and which are on earth—in Him." (Eph 1:10)



The Mystery of the Maharishi of Mt Kailash
by Bernhard Koch
Sadhu Sundar Singh meets an over 300-year-old prayer warrior of Christ.  He travels in the Spirit each day to help groups, around the world, find their way into their Heavenly inheritances.  Fascinating

Treasure of Darkness – Vol II – Echoes of a Father
by Joseph Sturgeon II
Many relevant encounters with saints… especially the encounter with Enoch.   To see if you'll like this book, try this link… then click on ‘Start reading for free”… then read the introduction. 

Treasures of Darkness - Vol III - Foundations of the Transcendent Life
by Joseph Sturgeon II
Great insights to anchor our Heavenly focus.  Unpacks matters of the heart and the vital need to live from our hearts... in love... and with Him as our motivating reward!

Ladies of Gold: The Remarkable Ministry of the Golden Candlestick - Vol 1
by James Maloney
The author was mentored by this group of ladies in California back in the middle 1900's.  This group of intercessors would be caught up in the spirit and travel to other places to fulfil Heaven's missions.  On occasion they were known to actually translate in the body... as a group... to other places... for several days... and even bring back artifacts from their mission.  

Saint Joseph of Cupertino
by Angelo Pastrovicchi
Joseph is a man so in love with God that he levitates when he is raptured in ecstasy.  He has to be called down so he doesn't disturb the Mass.  Known as the one who experienced the most prolific 'raptures'. 



The Ancient Book of Enoch
by Ken Johnson
A controversial book that is directly quoted or has strikingly similar phraseology, over 100 times in our Holy Bible.  The publisher gives helpful commentary as to what is believable and what is obviously faulty.  This book includes four books of Enoch.  The Ethiopic Book of Enoch - which is the first part of this four part compilation - is thought by many to be true and inspired.

The Ancient Book of Jasher
Referenced in the earliest portions of our Bible
Although many hyperboles must be overlooked, many other details of the lives of the characters in the book of Genesis are striking and gripping, making you love and understand our Genesis patriarchs even more.  

Worth mentioning:

by James Rutz
Early 1990s empirical evidence that a huge shift in Christianity is underway.  An exodus from organized religion was prompted by people's quest for a more personal experience with God.  Other facets of this search were provable then, but nearly 30 years later, this global shift is getting easier to recognize.  Highly recommended, if you want to broaden your 'world-view' of this emerging new age. 

Victorious Eschatology - A Partial Preterist View
by Harold Eberle & Martin Trench
A compelling and believable view of Matt 24 and the Book of Revelation that makes it very difficult to embrace the futurist eschatological  view.  One perspective views things as getting worse and the need for escape... the other perspective views things as getting better and the saints maturing unto co-ruling with God.  For reference: "Of the increase of His government and peace there will be no end..." - Isa 9:7

by Jonathan Welton
Compelling observations from Josephus, a journalist who was a contemporary during the Fall of Jerusalem in 70 AD.  Direct quotes from his journalistic observations are held alongside direct quotes from Matt 24 and other traditional 'end times' Scripture, with startling impact.  This writing will invoke serious re-consideration of traditional eschatological views. 



    Audios recommended 

Naturally Supernatural             
by John Paul Jackson           
John Paul Jackson is speaking when heavenly lights phenomenon appear in the room - audience of 400 people audibly and repeatdely, gasp in wonder.

The Ascending Church
by Don Crossland
A gentle presentation by a wise and seasoned pastor.  Especially good for those who are being newly initiated into the 'above the line' themes.  Offers much consolation and brings wise perspective to the transition that is happening now.  

Energy, Life, Longevity and Immortality
by Justin Paul Abraham
Biblical insights and precedent for LIFE to overtake this mortal body.

Wisdom & Realm of Light
by Justin Paul Abraham
Paints the picture of our true identity – awake!!!  Two very effective activations to ascend into the Light

by Gary Oates
Instruction on how to see angels... and lots of first hand accounts of how the author learned to see angels. 



   Videos recommended 


New M.O. for a New Age
by Mark Hendrickson
Have we really crossed a threshold into a new age?  And how would I know if this is a valid concept?  I present historical, astronomical and Scriptural evidence of the transition of ages.  If the last two transition of ages in history required a radical removal of the old religious practices... and the adoption of new practices, what could we expect in this current transition of ages?  Knowing this will inspire us to be ready for change. - 52mins

All Creation is Eagerly Waiting For Us

by Mark Hendrickson
Main point: Creation remembers its pre-Fall glory.  It also remembers man's pre-Fall glory.  It groans in eager anticipation for you and I to discover the freedom and glorious liberty that is resident in us, the children of God.  Creation longs to be ruled by righteous governing.  When the glory of God is revealed in us, then Creation's original glory gets revealed in it. Exciting! - 51mins

Contrasts of Yesterday with Today – Glorious Upgrades
by Mark Hendrickson
God is on the move!!!  His emphasis' change from season to season and from age to age.  We've entered a new age.  It's likely that we'll have to let go of our comfort zones and some of our pet styles... and maybe even some outdated doctrines.  Does that sound scary?  Remember, He's a good Father and will take the very best care of us as we stay close to Him.  12+mins


Living from Heaven
by Chris Blackeby
This message is REVOLUTIONARY and vital, in order for us to leave some old mindsets behind and live in the Heavenly realm.  He identifies "30, 60, 100 fold" categories which help explain the dynamics of how much of formal Christianity functions.  You and I are learning to live in and from the Heavenlies... above earthly paradigms and their ruling protocols.  105mins

Bob Jones 3rd Heaven -activation-
by Bob Jones
Bob instructs and coaches how to 'enter' Heaven to visit our "brother and Daddy".  And how to draw from the river of life that flows from our 'belly'... and then give it away.  25mins

How to visit God in Heaven -activation-
by Bob Jones
A very simple activation to visit Heaven and let the light within us begin to shine.  Then bring His Presence back with you.  Do this as often as you can.  11mins

Did You Learn to Love?
by Bob Jones

A 4 min video of Bob (elderly and frail) reminding us that the essential thing is to 'learn to love'.  Love is what will take us "across the Jordan" (into this next age).  "Get ready for the 'winds'... the angels, to become real active."  Very fatherly.  9mins

John Paul Jackson Meets King David
by John Paul Jackson
Fascinating story of an encounter with King David.  Then the experience gets corroborated shortly thereafter.  18mins

10 Minute Meditation -activation-
by Justin Paul Abraham
easy simple activation/meditation – 11 mins

Music recommended   

The Return
by Laura C Music 
45 mins - excellent

Ascension Song

by Laura C Music
33 mins of 'hangout' time

by Laura C Music
31 mins of 'hangout time'

Laura C Worship - music channel

You are Heaven
by We The Kingdom
5 mins - way too short... fresh, alive, upbeat, liberating, empowering!

Instrumental Meditation Series
by various artists
Easy listening hour-long background instrumentals by various artists.  Enough variety to fit your style and your intended purpose.  (Scroll to bottom of the page)  

Instrumental Soaking Music
by Bethel Music
Over 3 hours of super-easy pads, strings and soft sounds.  

Peaceful Journeys | Glory Realms
by Kimberly and Alberto Rivera
Soaking Instrumental Worship – 3hrs 32mins

Ascension Songs - Leann Albrecht Worship Tribe – songs with ascension theme


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