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What is

Ascended Life Community

Ascended Life Community (ALC) is a ministry expression of Dwelling Place Ministries (DPM).

DPM was established by Mark & Debbie Hendrickson in 2000. 
ALC is a Kingdom age ministry of relocation and ascension into Heavenly places.

What is ALC?

How did Ascended Life Community get started?


Since the early 2000s, we've prayed many personal and public prayers expressing the tangible and compelling longing to be "numbered among a company of believing believers".  Here are a few of the benefits of being in a company of believing believers

1) The mutual encouragement that inspires each one to stay engaged with growth
2) The fresh supply of revelation that comes from all hearts committed to discovery
3) The joy and reward we all feel when new breakthroughs are experienced
4) Experiencing our Father's 'smile' as we live out the dreams of His heart


To succeed we would need the camaraderie of close-knit friendships.  To stay fresh we would have to seriously commit to our quest and immerse in wholehearted engagement with all of the relevant frontiers of living 'above the line'. 

Coming together
In recent years, God has been opening up many new frontiers in this very exciting new Kingdom Age.  We felt compelled to identify... to explore... and eventually, teach on these new Ascended Life frontiers.  Hungry people asked us how to nurture this new spiritual mode of operation... and like-minded people were beginning to gather together... so Ascended Life Community (ALC) was created.

Exciting times
Fresh revelations and insights began coming faster than we could assimilate them.  Everyone was on the hunt for 'golden nuggets'... and then of course, there was the excitement of sharing them!!  Some new people were immediately as comfortable with this new Heavenly frontier, as a duck is to water, while others took a while to process and respond, but most in our group were having multiple first-time Heavenly encounters.  Awakened hearts are finding each other when unexpected divine appointments reveal old friendships with similar desires.   Our borders are now expanding as we discover new groups who are similarly inclined.  The consensus is that we are on the front edge of a most exciting transition of ages - literally.  History clearly says that each Biblical change of ages required a very different spiritual mode of operation in the new age.  And that dynamic seems to be in full swing here and now!

So what's happening now?

It's been a wild joy ride!  The ground swell of interest and awakening has taken us all by wonderful surprise.  God is orchestrating the best relationships.  So fun!  No sweat... it's 'easy peasey'.  Monthly face-to-face meetings are energetic and impassioned occasions to share stories and catch the heart-beat for this fresh frontier.  On-site meetings with other groups around the US have created many wonderful 'aha' moments.  Zoom has become a powerful vehicle to join like-minded hearts.  It now facilitates a weekly leaders' group and a bi-monthly school.

ALC Ecclesia
A group of leaders from several regions around the US, meet weekly via Zoom for sharing, advanced spiritual exercise and mutual encouragement.  We've experienced substantial growth in many 'above the line' realities which has yielded infectious testimonies.  These dynamic stories have created amazing inspiration and faith to reach for more.  Each of us has experienced transformational personal impact by immersing into our quest and committing to see growth in these Heavenly frontiers.  

ALC KC monthly meeting
Since the middle of 2020 we've met monthly in face-to-face meetings in Kansas City, MO.  These 4-hour 'family reunions' are focused on developing a community bond and rallying around the common theme of 'above the line' realities.  We always include activations and sharing lots of personal stories.  A group meal is a significant part of our gathering.  These meetings are open to the public.  We also live-stream this meeting via Zoom... and an archive is available for public viewing later on our ALC video channel. 

ALC School
Since early 2021 we've hosted a twice-monthly Zoom school.  We started with the basics and are moving into more advanced levels as our group matures.  Community interaction, dialog, teaching on a specific theme, questions, comments and activations are always an integral dynamic of our sessions. 

Although the ALC Zoom School is FREE, you do have to register.  There is no requirement to attend... you can even audit the session without turning on your mic or camera.  If you miss a session, you can view the archive later on our ALC video channel.
  These ALC School videos are posted online, but unlisted... and only accessible if you have registered.

Expanding the message

ALC video channel
Nearly 600 videos populate this resource!  These videos can be searched by nearly 15 different categories related to the ascended life.  Some videos are full length formal church or house church meetings.  But most videos are short thematic outtakes from church or zoom meetings.  This resource can be accessed by visiting ALC's home website.

Find a group near you
Like-minded friendships are popping up in many places around the US.  Let us know if you'd like to connect with them.

What about you?
Are you interested... or do you know a friend who is interested in participating with ALC, please contact us and express your interest and/or intentions... or visit our video and blog resources.

What about your group?
Some of our seasoned ALC team members have mobile ministries and are anointed presenters.  Their contagious presentation will awaken and establish key Ascended Life revelations in the hearts of your people.  If you are interested in having someone present this vibrant Ascended Life theme to your group, contact us for more information.

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