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In most ALC email communications
we include links to rich resources, along with brief descriptions,

which are intended to inspire, embolden and empower.



Fiorella Giordano 
“One of the ways we shift the culture and construct an age is by creating a new common language and vocabulary.”

“You are not bound by time, you were created to have dominion over it.” – Fiorella Giordano

“Those who are scholars of God’s wonders become practitioners of wonder.” – Fiorella Giordano

“Are you solution ‘driven’… or innovation ‘driven’… or wonder ‘driven’… or ???” – Fiorella Giordano

“You have heard it said that “Necessity is the mother of invention”.  But I tell you that an abundance mindset expands the full potential of your imagination. – Out with the death system, in with the Life system.” – Fiorella Giordano

Ron Jones - Blood Gates – The Mystery of Governance (page 383-384) (excerpts)
“There would be no reason for God to raise us up to be seated with Christ in Heavenly places prior to His return if He intended for us to govern solely from the Earth.   If that is the case, then we are no different in our ability to govern than the world, we are limited to the same things the world is limited to – time and natural resources.    God brought us into the Heavens to govern from Heaven with Him.  Through Christ, God brought us into the process of divine sonship consistent with the Son of God Himself.     We first declare into eternity… and then, into time.  When we repeat Heavenly decrees and declarations in time, we activate and loose on Earth the world we framed in Heaven.   Since the creation knows our voice, it bends toward us to manifest our world the way we framed it before the foundation of the world.    God puts His word in our mouths just like He did with Jeremiah.   Because He has put His word in our mouths, anything the world implements in time; we can reframe from a place before time began to bring that issue to a righteous Kingdom outcome.  We can speak the opposite of the world and then offer ourselves as a living sacrifice for its manifestation.  That is operating according to Christ.  When we do, an event the enemy meant for evil will be reframed and God will now use it for good.”

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.” - anonymous

Chris Blackeby
“I have never met anyone more righteous than me.” (Don’t forget that each of us is the righteousness of God in Christ!  😊)

Ron Jones
“The reason the new age hasn’t fully emerged yet is because we haven’t framed it up yet."
“What process did God use to create the righteous, immortal governing body of man?  The answer: He framed, formed and filled it.  God framed man with His word, formed man from the dust of the creation, and filled man with the breath of Life.”

The Unseen Realm – Michael S. Heiser – Chapter 36 – Lower than the Elohim (excerpt)  
“We are children of God destined to displace the defeated, disloyal sons of God (fallen elohim) who now rule the nations.  Believing followers of Jesus Christ are the fulfillment of God’s plan to have humanity join the divine family-council and restore Eden.”  “But that’s still not the full story.  We will be made like him (I Jn 3:1-3).  We will become divine.”

Bill Johnson  
“Everyone says you shouldn’t follow after signs and wonders. I say follow them until they start following you.”

Art Katz  
“The foundation of the apostolic mindset, however, is a true apprehension of the things that are eternal, not in anticipation of a future enjoyment, but of a present appropriation, and that is what makes the church peculiar.  We are going to have to contend for this reality, because the world is not hospitable to it.  Paul not only found this eternal dimension, he also dwelt in it, and yet that did not condemn him to irrelevancy.  On the contrary, it made him all the more relevant, and so will it make us also.” – Art Katz

Bill Johnson on death
“If death is a part of God’s plan, then why are we supposed to raise the dead?”

Bill Johnson

"Royalty is my identity, servanthood is my assignment, intimacy with God is my life-source.”

John Wimber – words of knowledge
"You know we don’t need words of knowledge; what we need is to believe, but we often can’t believe, and so God gives them to us for us to believe.

C.S. Lewis
“If you read history, you will find that the Christians who did most for the present world were precisely those who thought most of the next.  It is since Christians have largely ceased to think of the other world that they have become so ineffective in this one.”

Charlie Shamp
“Knowledge is the SIGHT of heaven. Understanding is the vision we capture when we look at the things which are not Seen.”

Blake K. Healy - from his book 'The Veil'
“I believe the gift of seeing in the Spirit is meant to be available for every Christian, because I believe every gift is available to every Christian.” “I believe that because of how much God wants us to know Him and how much He wants to reveal His nature to us. For me, the answer to the question of ‘Why can I see in the Spirit?’ is because God wants me to know Him. That’s why I can see in the Spirit. That’s why you can see in the Spirit.”


But will those same two people see the same thing? Not always, according to Healy. Sometimes he and another seer will witness the same thing—which Healy calls “a fun validation experience.” But other times they may see dramatically different things. Healy says that’s not because one of them is a fraud or mistaken—it’s because their perspective is limited.


“Take any room,” he says. “Cup your hands and put them over one eye. If you look around the room, you could notice something and go into a lot of detail about how that light switch works, what kind of lighting fixture that is or what kind of door handle that is. But you could totally miss this window that has all this crazy nature outside of it or this intricate thing on the floor. All this to say that because there’s so much going on in the Spirit realm, it’s very understandable that two people who have similar gifts might just be, if you will, zooming in on completely different things.”


So how does that ‘zooming in’ process work? Healy says it’s difficult to explain exactly, hesitating to describe it as either fully automatic or fully intentional. He instead compares it to his morning commute.


“It’s not so different from when you’re driving,” he says. “You can look through the windshield and see the road, cars and signs, or you can focus on the windshield glass itself. And when you do that, you can see maybe some water spots, some small cracks, little particles of dust—things that are always there but if you’re not focusing on them, you don’t really see or think about them at all.”

So with practice, you can learn to tune out of the temporal realm and tune in to the Heavenly realm.


Bob Jones on angels
The end-time church will learn to cooperate fully with the spiritual host assigned to us as friends learn to cohesively work in unison with their closest friends.

Bobby Conner on levitating
He said that he was so intent on delivering his word and teaching to a group that he began ‘seeing’ himself walk out on, but beyond, the stage. So, he stepped out on what he was ‘seeing’ in the spirit realm.  Afterwards, he realized that he had levitated or been floating…..not in contact with the stage!  He said,  “If you can see it in your spiritual sight, walk out on it by faith… do it.”

Regarding Evans Roberts and ascension:
In the spring of 1904 following a unique encounter with God, Evan Roberts (the most known figure of the Welsh Revival), related one incredible experience during his prayers for revival:

“When praying by my bedside before retiring, I was taken up to a great expanse—without time and space. It was communion with God. Before this I had a far-off God. I was frightened that night, but never since. So great was my shivering that I rocked the bed, and my brother, being awakened, took hold of me thinking I was ill. After that experience I was awakened every night a little after one o’clock. This was most strange, for through the years I slept like a rock, and no disturbance in my room would awaken me. From that hour I was taken up into the divine fellowship for about four hours. What it was I cannot tell you, except that it was divine. About five o’clock I was again allowed to sleep on till about nine. At this time I was again taken up into the same experience as in the earlier hours of the morning until about twelve or one o’clock”. According to Roberts, this experience lasted for three months.”

Bob Jones
“The 2020s are the decade to learn to enter in to REST”

Bill Johnson - Referring to John 3:13:

1) “Some people call this the ascended life” 

2) “I hope that we can come into this in instruction and experience in the next couple of years” 

3) “It’s the difference between a servant and a son”


On immortality - Luke Agee 
“Death is a grace from the Lord that was only meant for a season and to become overcome by coming up higher to the original place of life that we were blue printed with.  Death is still a grace for those who are not taught or shown the greater truth of Life eternal and immortal in Christ.  It was never the genesis or permanent intention of the Most Hight of access to Him or to our homeland of heavenly places.” – The Immortal You – Luke Agee

Michael Van Vlymen – from Supernatural Transportation
“It is very important if you want to walk in the supernatural, you must possess sanctification of our thought life, memories and imagination because it gives us a clean slate to work with….if we have all kinds of random or unclean or distracting things floating through our head, you will not be focused on or have access to the things above.”

“I like to make things like this very clear due to the fact that I have met so many people who desire to see the unseen and do exploits of the Kingdom, but have fallen prey to the lie that they can have it both ways. We can have more than we ever dreamed of, or we can have the lusts of the world ….but we can’t have both.”

C.S. Lewis
“If I find in myself a desire which no experience in this world can satisfy, the most probable explanation is that I was made for another world.”

Patricia King
“Some of what the Lord is about to do will shock and awe many people... Some things God will manifest in these coming days have never been done before, things that will stretch our imagination and challenge our intellect”

Rick Joyner
“The day it was possible to take a neutral stance on the supernatural is over!”

Francios Du Toit
“The ultimate proof of faith is not experience of the supernatural, but entering into his rest. His rest celebrates his perfect work. His rest is sustained in you by what he sees, knows, and says about you in reference to the finished work of Christ. Jesus is what God believes about you."

Randy Clark - on angels
"I would suggest to you that on the Day of Pentecost we got more than the Baptism in the Spirit... we got more than a new relationship with Holy Spirit, we also entered into a new dispensation... a new covenant with the outpouring of the angels of God." – Randy Clark

Consider the cloven tongues of fire upon each of the heads of the 120 at the Day of Pentecost.  Think: “Now about the angels He says: "He makes His angels winds, His servants flames of fire." – Heb 1:7


A W Tozer – Seeing the Face
If a man has only correct doctrine to offer me, I am sure to slip out at the first intermission to seek the company of someone who has seen for himself how lovely is the face of Him who is the Rose of Sharon and the Lily of the Valley. Such a man can help me, and no one else can.


Bill Johnson - the Mind
The mind is a good servant, but a poor master.


Liz Wright – His reward
Your heart voluntarily loving Him is the reward for His suffering.


Excerpt about angels from Destiny Image Publisher:

".... we should listen to angels, because the clearest teaching we have anywhere in Scripture on not worshiping angels, was delivered by an angel himself (Rev. 19:10 and 22:8-9). Jesus was right there when John almost accidentally worshiped a holy angel. Jesus saw the whole thing! He was not offended, disappointed, angry or hurt. Jesus allowed the angel to continue to share heavenly secrets with John (Rev. 22:10-11). Jesus continued telling John wonderful revelations and promises (Rev. 22:12ff).


(This was religion’s worst case scenario – falling down to worship an angel – and there were NO NEGATIVE REPERCUSSIONS whatsoever."  For the full article, click here. And another article from Destiny Image on angels here. - MLH)

Kris Vallotton - upcoming Heavenly disruptions – (on violent acts of grace… in the Spirit)
“There is coming into the life of our movement, holy disruptions; an earthquake in the Spirit of historic proportions that will change the trajectory of the world and shift the tectonic plates of power.  This will redefine the geographic and demographic epic centers of the nations, usher in the fear of the Lord and release violent acts of grace over many countries. God is raising up new capital cities...the epicenters of culture are shifting as God establishes apostolic cities.  Let me be clear, I am not saying there will be a violent shedding of blood or abuse to or by humans, but a violent act in the spirit. As we see in the violent rush of wind in Acts 2:2 and Exodus 19:18 when the mountain of God quaked violently.  He is doing a beautiful shifting and powerful shaking; He is making the rough places smooth and the crooked places straight.” 
“Let me be clear, I am not saying there will be a violent shedding of blood or abuse to or by humans, but a violent act in the Spirit.  As we see in the violent rush of wind in Acts 2:3 and Exodus 19:18 when the Mountain of God quaked violently. He is doing a beautiful shifting and powerful shaking; He is making the rough places smooth and the crooked places straight.”  

Neville Johnson - our future
"There is a company that will be born out of the church.  Their process is 
that, 1st) they will be transfigured, 2nd) they will be caught up into the Heavenly realm, 3rd) they will receive their commission/instructions, 4th)they will be brought back down to protect the church in the wilderness."

Bill Johnson - on Transfiguration
"The illuminated Jesus on the Mount of Transfiguration is the pattern of the fully renewed mind."

Joseph Sturgeon - Enoch – from Treasures of Darkness II
“The next thing I want to talk to you about is your gifts.  There are so many people in the Earth whose identities are tied up in their gifts and not in sonship.  When this age ends and the next one begins, the gifts you have been given will no longer be necessary and they will be taken away.  What will you have left?”

“Do you stand in the Earth and talk about what God is like, or do you come down from Heaven and bring it all with you?”

Cory Russell - Old age encounters
“Many men and women of God receive their most profound encounters, in their old age after decades of faithfulness and prayer.  The Lord is not moved by strength.  He is moved by faithful hearts that continue to seek Him in every season of life.”

Albert Einstein - on imagination
"I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination.  Imagination is more important than knowledge.  Knowledge is limited.  Imagination encircles the world.”

Sharl - Father’s Dream for you
Your dream is no mere whisper; it’s the resounding echo of an ancient scroll, tucked in heaven’s celestial archives, waiting to be unsealed. It is the divine blueprint infused with sacred intent, yearning to manifest through you. This dream is your mirror, reflecting the grand design that Yahweh has intricately woven into the very fabric of your being.

Michael Van Vlymen

“You feel so alive when you’re in the spirit!  It’s like reality times 100.”

John G. Lake – Communion with God and Consciousness of God

"It became easy for me to detach myself from the course of life, so that while my hands and mind were engaged in the common affairs of every day, my spirit maintained its attitude of communion with God."  “Consequently God’s purpose, and the purpose of real religion, is to create in the nature of man, a consciousness of God.  And that church which will succeed in creating the highest degree of consciousness of God in the soul of men, will live longest in the world.  And the only mode of possibility of perpetuating a church in the world forever is to bring into the souls of the people the full measure of the consciousness of God that Jesus Christ enjoys.”

Diana Larkin - Adventure is before you - Jun 17, 23 - (I endorse this view and this word – MLH)
“It is true that life is going to drastically change for people all around the world.  These changes will be sudden and without much warning for most people.  If you listen to My prophetic voices, then you know that evil systems must be taken down in order to rebuild on My Kingdom foundations of justice and righteousness.  You realize shakings must come, but I have assured you of My protection and My generous provision for you throughout all the coming upheavals.  This is the mindset I want you to have: look at this season of great change as a grand adventure that is before you.  You will experience supernatural provision, provision, and wonder as I unfold the new future I have for you and your Nation.  Don’t look at the future with dread—I AM your future!  Don’t focus on hoarding supplies— expect Me to provide supernaturally in abundance so that you have an overflow to share with those in need.  If I AM your future, what is there to fear?  I AM already in your future, and I see the abundance and peace it contains.  Begin to draw on that future now, and pull it into your present.  Look with eyes of faith at the adventure before you.”

Joseph Sturgeon - Treasures of Darkness II - Chapt 9 - interview with Enoch - Gifts are time-sensitive
“When this age ends and the new one begins, the gifts you have been given will no longer be necessary and they will be taken away.  What will you have left?”

“Relationship with the Father is based on heart matters, not gifts.  It is based on Love and as long as your identity is wrapped up in your gifts, you will not progress in relationship and character.  I am not saying that gifts are invalid and do not have their place in the Church in the Earth.   What I am saying is that there comes a point in your walk where you must surrender them to move forward in Love and join the Church in Heaven, operating as the Son.  There are no Prophets in Heaven.  There are no spiritual gifts in Heaven.  The question is all about your access point.  Do you stand in the Earth and to talk about what God is like… or do you come down from Heaven and bring it all with you?  When you come from Heaven you do not talk about anything, you become everything you have been designed for and you terraform everything in your path.

(We realize that our giftings given to us by Holy Spirit are actually only temporary tools to get us to realize that all we ever needed is already inside of our spirit.   (I Cor 12-13 (gifts of the Spirit “will cease”) and Eph 4 (gifts of Jesus are “until”…! ) - MLH)


Ps 17:15 (NLT)
“Because I am righteous, I will see you. When I awake, I will see you face to face and be satisfied.”

Heb 12:1-2 Message Bible
Do you see what this means—all these pioneers who blazed the way, all these veterans cheering us on? It means we'd better get on with it. Strip down, start running—and never quit! No extra spiritual fat, no parasitic sins.   2  Keep your eyes on Jesus, who both began and finished this race we're in. Study how he did it. Because he never lost sight of where he was headed—that exhilarating finish in and with God—he could put up with anything along the way: cross, shame, whatever. And now he's there, in the place of honor, right alongside God.

Eph 3:8-11
“Although I am less than the least of all the Lord’s people, this grace was given me: to preach to the Gentiles the boundless riches of Christ, and to make plain to everyone the administration of this mystery, which for ages past was kept hidden in God, who created all things. His intent was that now, through the church, the manifold wisdom of God should be made known to the rulers and authorities in the heavenly realms, according to his eternal purpose that he accomplished in Christ Jesus our Lord.”

Songs 5:4 (TPT)

"My beloved reached into me to unlock my heart.  The core of my very being trembled at his touch.  How my soul melted when he spoke to me!"

Communion - Song of Songs 2:4 (TPT)
Suddenly, he transported me into his house of wine— he looked upon me with his unrelenting love divine.

Communion - Lk 24:30-31
While He was reclining at the table with them, He took bread, spoke a blessing and broke it, and gave it to them. Then their eyes were opened.

I Pet 1:10-12 Message Bible
“The prophets who told us this was coming asked a lot of questions about this gift of life God was preparing. The Messiah’s Spirit let them in on some of it—that the Messiah would experience suffering, followed by glory. They clamored to know who and when. All they were told was that they were serving you, you who by orders from heaven have now heard for yourselves—through the Holy Spirit—the Message of those prophecies fulfilled. Do you realize how fortunate you are? Angels would have given anything to be in on this!”

Rms 8:6

“The mind set on the Spirit is life and peace.”

Mat 13:11

“To you it has been granted to know the mysteries of Heaven.”

II Pet 1:19

“And so we have the prophetic word made more sure, to which you do well to pay attention as to a lamp shining in a dark place, until the day dawns and the morning star arises in your hearts.”

Eph 4:23-24 TPT
“Now it’s time to be made new by every revelation that’s been given to you.  And to be transformed as you embrace the glorious Christ-within as your new life and live in union with him!  For God has re-created you all over again in his perfect righteousness, and you now belong to him in the realm of true holiness.”

Heb 10:1-3
Trade sin consciousness for righteousness consciousness  For since the law has but a shadow of the good things to come instead of the true form of these realities, it can never, by the same sacrifices that are continually offered every year, make perfect those who draw near. Otherwise, would they not have ceased to be offered, since the worshipers, having once been cleansed, would no longer have any consciousness of sins?

Isa 9:7 - Victorious Future 
Isa 9:7 pretty much sums up what our perspective should be: "And of the increase of His government and of His peace, there shall be no end."  That means today has more of the government of God and more peace than yesterday... and tomorrow will have more government of God and peace than today.  That doesn't mean that there won't be dark times, it just means that we have a choice as to which reality will be ours... based on our inner reality. 

Prov 23:7
"As a man thinks in his heart, so is he."
-  Even in the worst case scenario, (in jail like Paul & Silas), (boiled in oil and won't die like John), (hung on the Cross and saved mankind like Jesus), there will be a great grace to sustain us... IF we've trained ourselves to find and live by the goodness of God in every circumstance.

SoS 6:12 TPT - How encounter happens

Then suddenly my longings transported me. My divine desire brought me next to my beloved prince, sitting with him in his royal chariot. We were lifted up together!

Song of Songs 2:4 (TPT)
Suddenly, he transported me into his house of wine— he looked upon me with his unrelenting love divine. (think – Communion)

John 14:19 (TPT)
Soon I will leave this world and they will see me no longer, but you will see me, because I will live again, and you will come alive too.

Hab 2:1 
"I will look to see what he will say to me...”

Eccl 9:18
“Wisdom is better than weapons of war…” 
Questions: I wonder if we could include partnering with ‘lady Wisdom’ and the Spirit of Wisdom?  Would these Heavenly ‘partners’ engaged by and with LOVE, be more productive than the older protocols of ‘warfare’.

Prov 8:34-35 (TPT)
“If you wait at wisdom’s doorway, longing to hear a word for every day, joy will break forth within you as you listen for what I’ll say.  For the fountain of life pours into you every time that you find me, and this is the secret of growing in the delight and the favor of the Lord.”


The great tragedy of the Sunday morning service! by Watchman Nee

Life in the New Covenant – pt 15 – Rick Joyner – (our Lord’s presence and coming)
Christianity without Transcendence
Quantum Glory – by Glory Waves
– (quantom and spiritual merging)

Worshiping angelsThis is religion’s worst case scenario – falling down to worship an angel – and there were NO NEGATIVE REPERCUSSIONS whatsoever."    For the full article, click here.

The real meaning of 'profit'...
Isa 48:17 – “Thus says the Lord, your Redeemer, the Holy One of Israel: "I am the Lord your God, who teaches you to profit, who leads you by the way you should go.”
PROFIT – the Hebrew word is ya'al which means to ascend and to be valuable.....
Strong’s Definition: A primitive root; properly to ascend; figuratively to be valuable (objective useful, subjective benefited)
Who knew???  Ascend has been right in front of us all the time...  it is the Lord who teaches us to ascend and to be valuable in the kingdom"


‘Architecting an age’ – requires Framing, Forming and Filling

  1. Frame – receive revelation/conception of the bare essence of a concept
      a. to conceive of an incorruptible seed of rhema… to see, receive and believe

  2. Form – agree with Father by making declarations in the Heavenlies and in the earthly places
      a. by heralding the vision of the structure, contents and effectiveness in the earthly places

  3. Fill – with our new vocabulary, narratives and transformational testimonies of the world(s) around us
      a. by occupying and walking in the reality and sharing the practical fruits of this new age


Ascended life presenters

Michael Van Vlymen
Working with Angels – Michael Van Vlymen – 15mins

Seeing Angels & Things of the Spirit - How it Really Looks – 20mins
Personal Journey Into The Supernatural – Author of Supernatural Transportation and How To See In the Spirit and others. 
Seeing Angels & Things of the Spirit - How it Really Looks – 20mins

Seeing in the Spirit with Passion and Compassion - Getting Breakthrough – Michael Van Vlymen – 9mins

Neville Johnson
Recognizing Signs Pt.10 Pt 2 - The Quest To Walk With God – 23mins
Neville Johnson – Preparedness of the Bride – 16mins
Transfiguration & the Powers of the Age to Come - Neville Johnson - This is POWERFUL! - 15 mins 

“Transfiguration will begin over the next 14 years.” (from 2011)
“Transfiguration will start in many of my people and they will become truly the lights of the world.”
“This is the next phase for us.”
“It’s not enough to believe it, you must believe that it is God’s will for you.”

Neville Johnson - Rather long (almost 2 hr) but has SO MANY nuggets in it that are powerful confirmations to what we're doing right now.  Many of his words spoken in 2015 are coming to pass all around us this last year. Not sure we espouse all of his eschatology and terminology, but a ton of gold in this!!!  Here's a quote at about 38:55 mins

"There is a company that will be born out of the church.  Their process is that, 1st) they will be transfigured, 2nd) they will be caught up into the Heavenly realm, 3rd) they will receive their commission/instructions, 4th) they will be brought back down to protect the church in the wilderness."

Rest, enter into Spirit, be conscious of God - we must discover rest and learn to enter into Spirit

Restoring the Years – very good… reaching into immortality!!  37 mins

How to survive the endtimes, Psalm 91 – Highlighting intimacy to make it through unstable times – 72 mins
Developing a Kingdom Culture – powerful next age realities – 95mins

Moving your life into God – 62mins
Working with Angels – 15mins
Recognizing Signs Pt.10 Pt 2 - The Quest To Walk With God – 23 mins

Preparedness of the Bride – 16mins
Encounter: Enoch - his symphony and consistency – 52mins

Seeing Jesus in the Spirit – pt 1 - 97mins – (Re: ‘golden imagination’ good start at 20mins)

Seeing Jesus in the Spirit – pt 2 – 110mins
The cloud is moving – Neville Johnson – 86mins
Visualizing Christ in you – Neville Johnson – 60mins

Bill Johnson
Living in Heaven Now – 76mins

Glory cloud explained -  Roughly 10 years ago, Bethel Church had a phenomenon of a ‘glory dust cloud’ inside the church on several different occasions .  My children Luke & Lydia, were actually there in some of these video excerpts.   (about 3 mins long)

Worship destroys darkness but that’s not our focus – We worship God, God deals with the powers of darkness – 15 seconds
The renewed mind – Bill Johnson – start at 19 mins and play till 22 mins - listen for these three phrases:         

1) “I hope that we can come into this in instruction and experience in the next couple of years”

2) “Some people call this the ascended life”

3) “It’s the difference between a servant and a son”

Living in Heaven Now - 76mins

How to See From Heaven’s Perspective and Walk in Authority – Bill Johnson – 44mins
Abiding in God and living in seamless connection with Him – Bill Johnson – 44mins (especially 25-35 mins “if I just have 12 people who get it (ascension) right, we’ll shape the course of history.”)
Experiencing the Presence of God – Bill Johnson – 39mins (especially 31mins till the end – heightened awareness of His Presence)

The Strength of Your Prayer Is the Place That You Pray From - Bill Johnson – 74mins

Liz Wright
Embracing His Glory Within You - Shares a couple of her encounters (especially watch 10 - 17 mins
Born for such a time as this – 26mins

God Alone is our Source - Jesus wants us to know Him as our one and only source of abundant life. – 31 mins
Rising up as His bride – Liz Wright interviews Brian Simmons (author of Passion Translation)

A royal commission - 28mins

Secrets of Hidden Revivals w/ Michael Marcel – w/ Liz Wright – 30mins

A Higher Altitude – 28mins

From Religion to mature sonship – Liz Wright interviews Chris Blackeby – Very clear expose on religion vs simply believe His promise – 38 mins

Liz Wright w/ Ben Dianda - Session #1 - recent conf – 3.5 hrs – Liz starts at about 1:20

Liz Wright w/ Ben Dianda - Session #2 – recent conf – 3 hrs  - Liz starts at about 1:54

Living from God's presence - Susan Fleming w/ Liz Wright – 34mins

Love Never Fails in Spiritual Warfare – An exceptional encounter with a warlock unlocks unexpected love of Jesus – 25 mins

Look up and live - Candice Simmons w/ Liz Wright – 29 mins

God's love changes everything - David Harris w/ Liz Wright – 30 mins

Are you getting distracted by the evil all around? – Katie Souza & Liz Wright – 8mins

Partnering with God in your finances - Sherrie Grabot w/ Liz Wright – 30mins
Born for such a time as this – 26mins

Born for connection - Susan Partridge w/ Liz Wright – 30 mins
Third Heaven solutions - Richard Gordan w/ Liz Wright – 34 mins

Secret of the Stairs – Justin Paul Abraham / Liz Wright – 24mins

An invitation from Jesus – 28mins

Fresh Faith – Kelly Copeland Swisher w/ Liz Wright – 33mins

Encounter 2023 – Divorce the spirit of death – 120mins (Start at 53 mins)

God’s Resting place – Haley Braun w/ Liz Wright – 63mins

Encountering God – 29mins

Hope in the face of darkness – Tony Brewer w/ Liz Wright – 33mins

Angels and Us – Justin Paul Abraham w/ Liz Wright – 67mins

Entwining your heart with God – Liz Wright – 31mins
Jesus is resetting us – Liz Wright – 2mins

Encountering God – 1 – Liz Wright – 27mins

The garment of humility – Liz Wright – 70mins

Ps 24 – Liz Wright – 2mins

Heart Union with Christ – Joy Fest UK 23 – Liz Wright – 67mins

Stewarding Healthy Families – Ashley Davis w/ Liz Wright – 32mins

A royal commission – Liz Wright – 28mins

Secrets of Hidden Revivals w/ Michael Marcel – w/ Liz Wright – 30mins

A Higher Altitude – Liz Wright – 28mins

Repositioned for a new move – Joanne Moody w/ Liz Wright – 30mins
Nothing’s impossible for Jesus – Tee Jay Henderson w/ Liz Wright
– 32mins

The Church is Rising Up w/ Darren Stott – interview by Liz Wright – Perspective for this unstable time.   “Jesus is teaching us to stand in them midst of chaos and war… and to sit in rest and peace in the presence of wolves.” – Darren – 30 mins

The unique language of God - Shawn Bolz w/ Liz Wright – 33mins
A royal commission – Liz Wright – 28mins
Secrets of Hidden Revivals w/ Michael Marcel – w/ Liz Wright – 30mins
A Higher Altitude – Liz Wright – 28mins
Repositioned for a new move – Joanne Moody w/ Liz Wright – 30mins

The Ark of His presence – Liz Wright – 27mins

Encountering God – Liz Wright – Shepherd King – 27mins
It is Finished – Liz Wright – 28mins

Fiorella Giordano
Architecting an Age – Fiorella Giordano – 57mins

Futuristic vision and beyond – Fiorella Giordano – 85mins

Halley Braun

Hayley Braun – 3.26.23 - general service – (start at 1hr4mins)

Hayley Braun – 3.27.23 – leaders’ retreat #1 – 75mins

Hayley Braun – 3.27.23 – leaders’ retreat #2 – (start at 52mins)

Hayley Braun – 3.27.23 – leaders’ retreat #3 – 98mins

Hayley Braun – 3.27.23 – leaders’ retreat #4 – 92mins

Hayley Braun - An encounter with God – 9mins

Katie Souza
Ascend above inflation and famine – 33mins
Youth restored in the Light – 6mins
The Power of Your Voice – 5mins

Live deliverance from the spirit of death – 70mins

Kevin Zadai

How to Enter Into the Secret Place – Lots a great gold nuggets here.

The Steps to Encounter the Secret Place – 17mins


Bob & Bonnie Jones

Come on up here – Bob Jones at Toronto – start at 70mins

Third Heaven activation  - Bob Jones - 25mins (start about 15:30 till about 19:30 mins)

How to visit your Father and Jesus in Heaven - Bob Jones – 11mins

Life Story testimony – Bob Jones - 89mins

Come Up Here – Toronto – Bob Jones - 420mins (BJ starts at 125mins)
Baptism of God’s Love  - Bonnie Jones
Spiritual Senses activation – Bob Jones – 60mins

Message to this generation – Bob Jones – 44mins
Bob Jones warns of receiving second heaven visions – 7mins

Bobby Conner
Bobby Conner interviewed about Heavenly things… lots of great Bob Jones stories and much more – 2.5 hours
Times and Seasons – Bobby Conner & Paul Keith Davis
– 110mins – stories of supernatural happenings

Lance Wallnau

Lance Wallnau – His point:

1) the man-child/overcomer generation is being birthed,
2) there will be those who overcome death/get translated
3) we must stay in love. 

He couches it in his version of rapture… but what I found interesting is that different voices are sensing that something epic is dawning upon the globe.  Start at 22:30 mins and go to the end – about 6 mins.

Ascend - Lance Wallnau - Midnight Watch! What the Lord says thru His word about YOU and 2022! I hear God calling you to ASCEND and live in two dimensions at one time.  Interesting that more voices are unifying around this topic (about 30 mins)
Keep Looking Down
 - Lance Wallnau

Ron Jones
This new age highlights our immortality – Ron Jones – 30mins


Jerry Bryant - interviews

Jerry Bryant – Sounds of Glory Nashville Tribe FB page (lots of  resources)
Jerry Bryant hosts Kingdom Talks – Shares on Resilience is powerful and timely. Starts about 20 minutes in.
Jerry Bryant with Anem Cara Network
– our own (Jerry) is interviewed and shares great insights – 31 minsJerry Bryant interviews Jon and Monique Taylor on Kingdom Talks – on Wed July 20 at 7PM
Family ascension – John Hendrickson – w/ Jerry Bryant – 57mins - relevant, authentic, inspiring!  Super job guys!!! 

Les Homan & Jerry Bryant – Kingdom Talks interview – 69mins

Kingdom mentoring – Claudia Klann w/ Jerry Bryant – 61mins

Awake to Dream – Jennifer Arrington interview w/ Jerry Bryant – 69mins

Supernatural provision and ascended life - Jerry Bryant interviews Mark Hendickson – 70 mins
Hold on, we’re turning again – Jerry Bryant at The Well – 140mins (Jerry starts at 77mins)

John Paul Jackson
John Paul Jackson travels back in time - JPJ - 18mins - physical translation to David and Saul’s day
Prophetic headlines for our times
– John Paul Jackson – 34mins

The Mystery of Power and Authority – John Paul Jackson – 29mins
Naturally Supernatural – John Paul Jackson - ‘lights’/angels shoot across the room while John Paul speaks to a large crowd (start at 15 – 35 mins)


Christopher Carter
Christopher Carter at The Well of Nashville 7/10/22 – Worship with Carl & Leann and Lydia, then Chris starts at 62 mins

Open the Eyes of Your Heart to See Heaven – Christopher Carter – 65mins – (activation starts at 44mins)

What is ascension - Laura C and Chris Carter – 34mins

Nancy Coen

All you Need is Love – Nancy Coen – 55mins – begin at 44mins
Nancy Coen interview – How to Access Heaven Now – clear and Scriptural answers to many basic questions about accessing Heaven – 37 mins
Seventh Day Transfiguration – Nancy Coen – 16mins


Tim, Dutch and Chuck
Made to Run with Angels – Tim Sheets – 57mins

Re-formation unto a new Era – Tim Sheets – 24mins
A prophetic word – Tim Sheets – We’ve been talking about the role of angels in our lives.  Tim’s dream sheds some light – 9 mins
I Had a Vision of a Massive Revival – Dutch Sheets – 14mins
2023 Prophetic Summit – Chuck Pierce – 47min
Decree – the power of His word – Dutch Sheets – 74mins
Spirit wind people – Dutch Sheets – 15mins


Chris Blackeby videos

The 5 falls of Genesis – Chris Blackeby (pt 1 of 5) – 79mins
The 5 falls of Genesis – Chris Blackeby (pt 2 of 5) – 139mins
The 5 falls of Genesis – Chris Blackeby (pt 3 of 5) – 89mins
The 5 falls of Genesis – Chris Blackeby (pt 4 of 5) – 107mins
The 5 falls of Genesis – Chris Blackeby (pt 5 of 5) – 117mins
Being a beloved son pt 1 – Chris Blackeby – 63mins
Being a beloved son pt 2 – Chris Blackeby – 51mins
Being a beloved son pt 3 – Chris Blackeby – 73mins
Being a beloved son pt 4 – Chris Blackeby – 61mins

You are a son of God – Jesus was not a Christian… did that get your attention?  You are first and foremost… a son of God. - 8mins
You Have Been Born Again - believe it or not, you and Jesus have the same 'genetics'... knowing this, helps us break free into the 'real me'.

Living From Heaven - This message is REVOLUTIONARY and vital for us in order for us to leave some old mindsets behind and live in the Heavenly realm.

God is our Father – more simply profound declarations about our new creation identity.  4 mins

Justin Paul Abraham

Dimensional Shifts - Justin Paul Abraham & Mike Parsons
– very interesting… advanced Heavenly travel – shifts of time and physical things, etc. - 110 mins
Giver of Life – Justin Paul Abraham – Insights supporting life overtaking death… corruptible putting on incorruptible – 43 mins
10 Minute Meditation 1 - JPA – activation – 10 mins
10 Minute Meditation 2 – JPA – activation/meditation – 10 mins
Grace & Life – Justin Paul Abraham – A very DEEP message with many levels of revelation. This will be the narrative of this next century and beyond – 67 mins

Exhortation and prayer of ascension - 14mins

The Ecstatic Gospel – JPA – 36mins

Justin Paul Abraham teaches through his book, BEYOND HUMAN
Session 1 - The Dawn -
Session 2 - KAINOS Mystical Life -
Session 3 -Living from Zion -

Session 4 - Angels -
Session 5 - Saints and Us -
Session 6 - Telepathic Heart Flow -
Session 7 - Remote Sight -
Session 8 - Infused Knowledge -
Session 9 - Miraculous Transport (I) -

Session 10 - Miraculous Transports (II) -
Session 11 - Metamorphosis -
Session 12 - Dimensional Shifts -
Session 13 - Inedia (Limitless Energy)
Session 14 - Beyond Sleep (Limitless Energy)
Session 15 - Limitless KAINOS Energy of Paul
Session 16 - Mastery Over Creation (1)
Session 17 - Mastery Over Creation (2)
Session 18 - Celestial Conflict
Session 19 - Engaging Powers -  
Session 20 - Meditation Break! -
Session 21 - The Cosmic Implications -

Earth and Us - 

Into the Next Age - - 48mins

Walking with Angels - - 34mins

Breathing Meditation - - 15mins
Hebrew Letters - - 11mins

Q+A time 
Aliens and other stuff! - - 29mins


Into the Realm of Light - 48mins

         Angelic Community  - 85mins

         Expanded Life – 53mins

         Energy, Life, Longevity and Immortality – 72mins

         Enoch – and Humanity Restored –  32mins        
         Burning in Silence - 85mins

         Dimensional Shifts - 110mins

         Going to Heaven - Justin Paul Abraham - 80mins
         The Happy Trinity – Justin Paul Abraham – 24mins
         Melchizedek: part one – Justin Paul Abraham – 32mins
         Celestial Conflict – Justin Paul Abraham – 65mins
         Cardio-gnosis Heart knowledge – JPA – 78mins
         The logic of love is LIFE – Justin Paul Abraham – 49mins

Supernatural Transportation – Michael Van Vlymen w/ Justin Paul Abraham – 81mins
Living in the Gospel of Joy – Justin Paul Abraham w/ Liz Wright – 29mins
Body Bliss – Heat and Light – Justin Paul Abraham with Liz Wright - Even our BODIES are called into this bliss! - 75 mins

Misc videos

Heidi Baker interviewed by Randy Clark  -  Sobering.  On persecution.  Basically she’s saying everyone talks about the glory experiences and not the price. 

Part 1 -
Part 2 -

The Ascending Church – by Don Crossland
A gentle presentation by a wise and seasoned pastor.  Especially good for those who are newly being initiated into the 'above the line' themes. Offers much consolation and brings wise perspective to the transition that is happening now.

Zeitgeist 2025 - Tom Horn gives a VERY intriguing look into the Essene calendar and how it applies to us in a very relevant way.  You’ll have to wade through some historical setup, but it comes down to some good stuff.  Then he brings in Jesus’ return and how that will affect us and a book that he wants to sell.  But this is yet another source that supports our world view of the changing of ages.  (24 mins)

Amazing Visit To Heaven & Insight 2022 by Donna Rigney – She recounts her experiences in Heaven and insights for 2022.


Wendy Backlund – shares about living from our spirit – 2mins
Wendy Backlund – we must learn to access our own spirit before we can maturely access the spirit realm – 2 mins


Rick Joyner - Signs of the Kingdom, Part XXIV
For His kingdom to come to this world, is to bring heaven to this world.


Engaging the Heavenly Realm With Chris Reed, Bobby Haaby, & Chris Behnke – 47mins

John G. Lake - Adventures in God: A Trip To The Asylum
Travels in the Spirit 7000 miles to heal an insane woman

Death by doctrine – Tommy Miller – 60mins


‘Shift’ – Anatomy of Godly transitions – Larry Randolf – 66mins 

Caught up in the Spirit – Larry Randolf – 14mins

Darren Stott – We were led and now empowered to be light right in the middle of this present darkness. – 3 mins

Being Caught Up Into A Higher Realm - Wade Taylor - (Practical Daily Rapture) – an older voice adds more confirmation to our revelation – 6 mins


Apprehend to ascend – Lana Vawser – 56mins

Unseen to Seen - David von Blanckensee – Just fun and easy – 54 mins

Angels – Gary Oates - Gary describes his journey into seeing angels and facilitates an activation into seeing angels

Unleashing the Kingdom - Kris Vallotton - 43mins (view 21:15 – 26:33)

The ministry of ascension – Nelson Alvarez – 29mins (start at 7:30 for first hand ascension stories)

God uses the process to transform us – Graham Cooke
– 20 mins
Practicing the Presence – Graham Cooke – 96mins

Dave Verly interviewed by Matt Spinks – David has some GREAT insights and activations starting at 18 mins – 30mins

My story of moving into the Heavenly realms - Darren Canning – 29mins

I died, went to Heaven and came back - Dr Mary Neal – 13mins

Live to Glorify  -  Schools and short thematic videos.  I really like this website.  It’s really straightforward.  No fluff.  Jesus/Holy Spirit central. 

The Gift of sight – The Well – Leann Albrecht lays out the Biblical precedent and imperative need to be able to see.  She starts speaking about 1 hour into the video

Being Caught Up Into A Higher Realm - Wade Taylor
- (Practical Daily Rapture) – an older voice adds more confirmation to our revelation – 6 mins

Drop down into your spirit – Dennis Clark – 2min

An Angel Showed me this Strange Room in Heaven – Ana Werner – 28mins

Jesus showed me what prayers look like from Heaven – Robert Hotchkin – 10.5mins 

Rod Marquette – Heb 12:22-24 – 63mins (start at 46:30)

Enoch: Believing for a rapture - Rick Renner – 29mins

Hope for the future – Ian Clayton – 52mins
The way of holiness – Ian Clayton – 38mins
All about faith – Ian Clayton – 40mins


Johnny Enlow Unfiltered w/ Andrew Whalen – Start at 30mins (cloud of witnesses interactions)
What to expect in the age of Enoch – Johnny Enlow – 105mins
The Whole World will become an Upper Room
– Johnny Enlow – view after 24:30


The Power of Life/Victory over death – Gil Hodges and guests – 121mins

Intimacy with the Lord and relationship is key – Mike Thompson – 58mins

Eternity in Our Hearts – Glory Waves – Thoughts on living outside of time

Translated in the Spirit – A tool for the Kingdom – Kim Robinson – 84mins – Kim Robinson website – videos and resources
Dancing and Cooking with Jesus - Kim Robinson - (2mins)
How to hear God's voice and encounter Jesus - Kim Robinson - testimony about finances. First 15 mins!  

Walk with Jesus – Sherry Oliver – 12mins (activation)


How to lead like Jesus – Eric Gilmore – 33mins

Anna Roundtree reads ‘The Heavens Opened’ – Audio book - 13 chapters

The book of Revelation revealed – Brian Simmons – 29mins - (delightful insights on Revelation)

Gates of Zion – We Went In – an inspirational spoken word and music… stirring – 4 mins

Paul Cain talks about his angel - start at 1:01:50 till 1:05:00 – 3 mins
The story of the great 1904-1905 Welsh Revival – inspiring – 67min
AI rendering of angels described in Ezekiel 10 – here and here – 2mins

The Chosen: Unfiltered – Gen Z reacts to The Chosen – You WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED – 2hrs – especially 27-110mins

The Last Reformation - The Beginning - 100 mins (very good - you'll be inspired - especially 1:23 thru 1:30)

Pilgrims Progress (2019) - 113mins

Sincere young boy says “When you worship, focus on Jesus” – 1min

Jacob’s Ladder – Children’s book – with Jake & Jenny – 15mins (author reads)

       More resources here:

Kid sees Jesus – 1min
The Bible Project
- A fresh voice describing the basic essence of the Gospel.  So simple.  And it helps with graphics of Heaven and Earth merging – in us   If you only want to watch the highlight, watch 10:15 through 16:15 mins.

The Book of Daniel – cartoon/movie – 86minsEven with grade ‘B or C’ graphics, the story line is pretty compelling. Daniel served 4 Babylonian kings during his 70 years and his ‘excellent spirit’ created great favor for him.

In the Mind of God - 8mins (instrumental meditational / activation video)
Angels Singing With Elias Argüello  - 12 mins
God of the Bible in Ancient China – Two lessons showing from the Chinese language (first hour) and history (second hour) that the God of the Bible is ShangDi the Supreme God of the Chinese. – 2 hrs 11 mins
Kim Clement – This generation will defy death – from 9:25mins to 10:15mins
Burberry Open Spaces film – ‘body flying’ – 2.5mins
Fun time – Talk about ‘playing around’ above the line!!!! – 2mins
Paul McCartney and friend talk about saints – Song origin and short exchange about being visited by their relatives - start at 29 mins
The Voice – a short poem about using our voice.  Fascinating… and inspiring
The Golden Angel dome over children in Nashville – 2mins
Young boy of secular family in Israel sees God – 2mins

Jesus identified with us as a fetus – Seth Gruber – 2mins

Revival culture

The Toronto Outpouring: What Really Happened - Duncan & Kate Smith – 90mins

Transformations – Let the Sea Resound – Fiji
– 74mins

Transformations – Revival – Almolonga, Guatemala – 13mins
Transformations II – The Glory Spreads – 77mins
Transformations – Revival – Cali, Columbia – 21mins

Raised from the Dead – Reinhard Bonnke
– the first 34mins

Miracles, miracles, miracles – Dr LaDonna Osborn
– 32mins - TL & Daisy Osborn’s daughter - Sid Roth introduced her by saying "Historians say more miracles recorded and witnessed than anyone who's ever lived"  

Chris Reed

Chris Reed interview - Dream he had recently about John the Beloved coming back to revisit the earth to explain his Book of Revelation.  Start around 32:30 to hear the dream and discussion.  Talking about John possibly never dying, got caught up, and coming back in our day.   Consider this: When Chris presents this dream he is validating the interaction between saints who have ‘gone on’ and those alive today.  Controversial for traditional religion.  A shift is occurring on lots of levels. 
Understanding our Days Ahead - Chris Reed – Start at 45mins

40 prophecies for 2023 and beyond – Chris Reed – 37mins

(Here is the written format) – I don’t have conviction about any of these prophecies… ask the Lord

Rodney Howard Browne
Classic Rodney Howard Browne video
- "Carpenters Home Church Revival Highlights - Lakeland, FL 1993"  (View 12 thru 19 mins and 30 mins thru end)  Careful… ‘it’ will get on you!!!   😊  This is the RHB video that messed me up in 1994.  

Realms of God – Rodney Howard Brown – An unusual moving of Holy Spirit at about 25 mins into video – 1994 Lakeland, FL – 90 mins

Kenneth Hagin

Kenneth Hagin conference – Joy of the Lord / lots of holy laughter – 2+ hrs
Kenneth Hagin – Just fun in the Holy Ghost – 20mins
             “The Kingdom of Heaven is righteousness, peace and JOY in the Holy Ghost!”

Lonnie Frisbe
Documentary of a Hippie Preacher - Lonnie Frisbee – Published 2005
‘The Life and Death of Lonnie Frisbee’ movie trailer

Lonnie Frisbee Unscripted by John Ruttkay – 59mins

In Lonnie Frisbee’s own words – Beach Salvations – 19mins

Whole service with Lonnie Frisbee – Sermon on Gen 3 – 68mins
Mother’s Day and Vineyard Yorba Linda – Lonnie Frisbee – 153mins

The truth about Jesus Revolution from Lonnie’s brother – 57mins
Roger Sachs website -

Listen - Music

Alabaster Box – kennedyandjaymusic
– 2mins
His Eye is On the Sparrow – kennedyandjaymusic – 2mins


Laura C Music – Dial down… turn everything else off.  Get simple… soak… ascend. 
         Ascension Song
         The Return
         Audience of One

You are Heaven - We The Kingdom - by InBeautifulChaos – 5mins - A fun, light and POWER PACKED song

Psalms 23 song – Ian White – 2mins – (a Psalm for 2023)

Our own Jerry Bryant presents a Christmas radio show. Enjoy! #273 This most recent one is a Christmas theme of oldies from the Jesus hippie days.

MLH - Mark Hendrickson

Stop the train… ‘time out’ for my heart - MLH – I share about getting radical with taking care of our hearts – 90 mins
Trials yield great trophies… when we add faith to them - MLH – I share about becoming proactive… agreeing with God’s perspective of our trials – 86 mins
Trials yield great trophies… when we add faith to them - MLH (w/ Chinese translation) – same as above but with Chinese translation – 38 mins
Want a tender heart... pray with Holy Spirit - MLH (w/ Chinese translation) - This simple tool yields good fruit nearly every time I employ it. –70 mins
What if: We can actually forgive sin – Beyond the Map blog post - MLH
Come boldly to the Throne of Grace – Enoch did – MLH – 39mins
He loves me this much – MLH – 56mins
Our happy Father is eager to give us the keys to our spiritual frontiers – MLH – 10mins
Stories from above the line with activations – MLH in El Cajon, CA - 77mins
Get small… the key to our inheritance – MLH in San Juan Capistrano, CA - 69mins
Hanging with the good folks at The Winepress – 124mins - MLH at house church in San Diego


Resources from Mark's Beyond the Map blog
These posts are mostly related to the subject of ‘taking care of our heart’.

A plan to succeed -
Bouncing on ‘E’ -
Stayin’ Alive -
How’s your heart?
Where do I feed my heart?   
How can I feel God?
A little child can do it -
Finding the treasure – You -  
In Search of the Real Me -
On-ramps into God -    
Fleece template -
The language of tears -
Signs – do they still happen?
Why do I need 2 or 3 God-signs?
Life’s lemons - make lemonade -
Defanging the law of Jante -

3-Day ALC Gathering videos

ALC KC 3-Day Gathering 2022 – Kansas City, MO/KS – Oct 27-29
ALC KC Gathering 2022 – Thu #1 -
ALC KC Gathering 2022 – Thu #2 -
ALC KC Gathering 2022 – Fri #1 -
ALC KC Gathering 2022 – Fri #2 -
ALC KC Gathering 2022 – Fri #3 -
ALC KC Gathering 2022 – Fri #4 -
ALC KC Gathering 2022 – Sat #1 -
ALC KC Gathering 2022 – Sat #2 -
ALC KC Gathering 2022 – Sat #3 -
ALC KC Gathering 2022 – Sat #4 -
ALC KC Gathering 2022 – Sat #5 -

ALC Nashville 3-Day Gathering 2022 – Goodlettsville, TN – June 23-25
ALC Nashville Gathering 2022 – Thu #1 –
ALC Nashville Gathering 2022 – Fri #1 –
ALC Nashville Gathering 2022 – Fri #2 –

ALC Nashville Gathering 2022 – Fri #3 –
ALC Nashville Gathering 2022 – Sat #1 –
ALC Nashville Gathering 2022 – Sat #2 –

ALC Nashville Gathering 2022 – Sat #3 –

ALC OC 3-Day Gathering 2022 – San Juan Capistrano, CA – May 26-28
ALC OC Gathering 2022 – Fri #1 –
ALC OC Gathering 2022 – Fri #2 –
ALC OC Gathering 2022 – Sat #1 –
ALC OC Gathering 2022 – Sat #2 –
ALC OC Gathering 2022 – Sat #3 –
ALC OC Gathering 2022 – Sat #4  -

ALC KC 3-Day Gathering 2021 – Kansas City, MO/KS – Oct 7-9
ALC KC Gathering 2021 – Thurs –
ALC KC Gathering 2021 – Leaders’ forum –
ALC KC Gathering 2021 – ‘How to see?’ –
ALC KC Gathering 2021 – Co-governorship –
ALC KC Gathering 2021 – Ascension for kids –

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